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The Crew - Radio Officers and their Recollections

----------NAME---------- BOAT(s) YEARS
Walter Chew Evans (SK) SS Alabama (and others prior to WW1) 1921
Wilson Weckel  W8AL  (SK) SS Juniata, SS Octarora, SS Tionesta 1921-23
William Hope W2EWT (SK) Several 1933-40
Charles Leonhardt W8QD  (SK) Several - ? 1920's-30s?
Svend Gormsen (SK) Several - ? 1930s - ?
Pete Peterson (SK) Several - ? 1930s - ?
Edwin C. Alberts (SK) William A. Reese 1930-38
Kenneth Goss (SK) SS N. American & SS S. American ?-1934-?
Avery LaMont (SK) SS N. American & SS S. American ?-1934-?
George A. Ralston SS South American ?-1934-?
Joseph Sodaro (SK) SS South American ?-1939-40-?
Alfred H. Kelley (SK) SS South American 1934 - 1939
P. Robarts Knapp SS South American ?-1935-?
John Kaye SS South American ?-1940-?
William Sabo SS South American ?-1940-?
Ted Phelps   W8TP SS S.A., SS Alabama & SS N.A. 1939-41
Charles Macomber (SK & KIA) SS Alabama  ?-1941
Julius Breit SS South American ?-40s -67
A. A. Hansen SS South American 1941
William Liehe SS South American 1941
Donald Dout SS South American 1941
Sylvester J Zachary S.S. Col. E. M. Young  1940-41
Lowell R.Dibble  W5FH Last CW Op on S.S. Col. E. M. Young   1941
Fred Wagner SS Alabama & SS S.A. 1941-2
Thomas O'Malley SS South American 1942
Robert Gehrke SS South American 1942
Wilson Weckel  W8AL  (SK) SS Theodore Roosevelt 1944-45
Arthur J (Doc) Holub K6OGOSS North American 1949-51
Robert Wilson   VA1AKK SS N. American & SS S. American 1951-2 & 61
Thomas Drake  W4IWH SS N. American & SS S. American 1958
Ray Heimberger  W8TT SS South American    (Also WLC) 1957-9
Claude Sheets (SK) SS N. American & SS S. American ?-1956-8-?
Jim Entreken SS South American ?-1956-?
Bill Stout SS South American 1958-9 ?
James Mulligian (sp?) SS South American ?-1958-?
Phil Shuman  NP2AG (SK) SS N. American  1959-63
Gerald Bay W1XYSS N. American1960
Norman S. WalkerSS N. American & SS S. American1960s
Ross (Parnell?) SS South American ?-1960-?
Jim Koss SS South American ?-1960-?
Tony Alateras (SK) SS South American ?-1960-?
Robert Ballantine  W8SU NMD>CGC Woodrush>NOG>NMP 1961-65


Mississippi River System Towboat Radio Officers
----------NAME---------- BOAT YEARS
J. Van Cloud Steam Towboat Kiska 1943
Dan B. Courtney, W0ABO USACE - St Louis District boats 1929-1966

Please let the archivist know of names, or names plus recollections, that should be included on one
of the tables above.

 The names of living crew members and/or their (disguised) e-mail addresses will be removed from
the listings at their request.

Image of a 2 star service pin showing the world as two hemispheres with an angle between

The high-seas radio-officer's service pin pictured above was awared for service in the 1920s.  The actual pin is about the size of a dime. The two stars may indicate 10 years service but the company awarding the pin is unknown.  Can anyone help with a company name? Thanks to Pat Ulik for the photo.

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