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WJG HF Antenna and Building - 1989

All photos by Jim Pogue

WJG - Operations Center & Transmitter BuildingThis was the WJG home and antenna farm in 1989.  By this time HF SSB operations had been scaled back to only 4087.8 KHz, and VHF-FM was carrying the bulk of the traffic.  The ??? foot tower is topped with several VHF antennas.  The VHF-FM system utilized 13 stations to provide ship-to-shore coverage to Mississippi River towboats from 50 miles south of Baton Rouge to 30 miles north of Cairo. The HF log-periodic antenna must have been needed to support WJG's earlier operation on it's other authorized SSB frequencies which went up to 12 MHZ. 

The WJG Operations Center & Transmitter Bldg.

WJG - Log Periodic Antenna
The WJG Log-Periodic Antenna
WJG - Building and antennas
Another WJG Antenna View

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