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How to Join By Contributing Information

You can join in this cooperative effort by contributing to this history of AM and SSB radio on the Great Lakes and inland rivers,  Those old pictures, articles , etc. do little good hidden away in that box in the attic or in those museum file folders.  If you have suitable material please share what you have.  The first step is to contact me Please do not send me anything by U.S. Mail without contacting me first.  We need to mutually assure that your material is suitable before you send it, and we need to be watching for it in the mail.  Note that I do not wish to be the holder of any physical material that you might wish to donate permanently.  After I gain some experience by working with some of the various physical archives I may be able to suggest suitable repositories for your donations. 

Everyone should read the Legal Notice below before submitting material.

Suitable material includes:

I will not put shortwave listener loggings on the site unless they are actual off-the-air audio recordings which will be put on as mp3 clips.  However, station frequency information contained in older loggings is of interest.

Please include the source of any submitted items that did not originate with you and which are not readily identifiable as to the source. 

The Archivist reserves the right to include or exclude any material submitted either in part or in total. 

It is hoped that this project will be as much about the people involved in the era and their recollections of it as it is about buildings, radio gear and antennas.  Information for "The Crew" pages is very much desired and those pages are as important as any other information on the site.  "I remember the time ---," Radio officer, station operator or maintenance technician experiences (and images) are requested, and given sufficient material can become a personal recollections page.  I am willing to help with the creation of personal recollections pages.

Credit will be given to all contributors unless they request anonymity.  Genealogical researchers value mention of people's names and occupations.  So, if known, the names of people, their jobs, years served and their amateur radio call letters (if any) are desired, and they will be shown unless the person requests anonymity.  Additional names are of value as each new contact brings the potential for new material.  Here's the Search Page that is used to help locate people when a new name is received.  The link is included as it may be useful to others as well.

Contact me if you have material that you feel would be of interest but which is not mentioned above or if you feel that there is an additional topic needing coverage.  However, note that I will not expand this project to include east, west, or gulf coast stations - that needs to be someone-else's project.  Also please contact me if you notice errors, typos or dead links in the already posted material.

If you plan to copy or scan material to send to me please read the Scanning Tips page first to help assure that what you submit is of the highest possible quality.

I have a very good image scanner and much experience with scanning all sorts of image and printed material.  I can scan printed images with exact-dot-count de-screening, do a little touch up on them and get results that are sometimes better than the original source material.  I could easily copy any documentation or images that you would be willing to send me and then return the originals to you.  Note that as a bonus for sending me your material I will send you high-quality electronic versions of it on a data CD when I return the originals to you.  

I also have very cheap long distance service and can record conversations.  This may be the best method for some people to contribute.  Here's my contact information.


Legal Notice

Some of the content on this site is from old pamphlets, publications of out-of-business companies, advertisements, etc.  No attempt has been made to secure permission to use this material since, in many cases, it either is not copyrighted or the copyrights have expired.  Also, for much of the material it would be impossible to determine who to contact.  This site is a non-profit endeavor, a research project which attempts to gather and document the history of a significant use of radio.  As a non-profit research project Fair Use of any copyrighted material is claimed under Fair Use provisions of Section 107 of Title 17 United States Code (The Copyright Statute).  If you, as a copyright holder, find some of you copyrighted material on the site your indulgence is requested.   However, if presented with a valid copyright complaint which does not fall under the Fair Use provisions I will remove any offending material.  Corporate logos shown on this site are the property of the respective corporations.

The name Inland Marine Radio History Archive and the site logos are Copyright 2005-2011 by Thomas A. McKee.  All rights reserved.  No copyright is claimed for any of the other material originating with the Archivist, and thus it is placed in the Public Domain.  

Submitted material will either be the original work of the submitter or it will be copies of other material.  Both types of contributions are welcome.  However, By submitting material which is the original work of the submitter he or she agrees that all of that material which appears on this site shall be copyright free and placed in the Public Domain.  Copyrighted material appearing on this site will have its ownership clearly stated.  None of the content of this site may be distributed for profit.

This web-site is provided for informational purposes only.  The user assumes the entire risk as to the accuracy and the use of content on this site.  The site's content is provided "as is" without warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied, including but not limited to the implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose and freedom from infringement.

Unless anonymity is requested, the original and contributed sources of all material will be shown either with the material or on the Credits page.

The Archivist reserves the right to include or exclude any material submitted either in total or in part. 

I will attempt to keep the information on the site as accurate and error free as possible.  However, I accept no responsibility for any losses you may suffer: 1) as a result of the content of this site, or 2) as a result of the loss of material in transport to or from me.

If this endeavor is successful and this web site eventually becomes a valued historical archive is it is possible that a manuscript or book will be produced based on the site's content.  As with the site, I would expect this to be a non-profit endeavor, and the only reason for any paper documentation is its permanence.