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The Crew - People and their Recollections

2/11/2024 - All 21 personal recollection stories are now HTML formatted with links to them on a new unified Recollections Index page.

This page is the index page to the listings of personnel involved in inland marine radio and the recollections of some of them.

Station Personnel - If no link is shown the information is scant.

At Great Lakes Stations: WAD WAS WAY WBL WLC WMI

At Inland Rivers Stations: WAY WCM WFN WGK WJG

Radio Officer and Radiomen on the Great Lakes boats and a few on the Mississippi towboats.

Maintenance Personnel - Lakes and Rivers.

Many thanks to those who have provided information for the sub-pages linked to above. Their willingness to contribute their recollections and/or the names of other crew members helps to give this history site a more personal orientation.

The names of living crew members and/or their (disguised) e-mail addresses will be removed from the listings at their request.

Except as noted here most of the site's content is in the public domain.

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