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Some of the WBL Crew and Their Recollections

Mark B. Cosby (SK) RCA District Mgr. 1937
Frederick G. DesJardins (SK) Station Mgr. 1945-1965
William G. Welsh W6DBB Operator ?
Walter Kottas Call (SK) Operator ?
Kenneth R. Palmer K2FJ (SK) Operator 1948 or 9-51
Robert Connelly W2SJR Operator  ?-1954- mid 60s
Joseph Panaratto (sp.?) Operator  ?-1954-?
George Cohill Operator  ?-1954-?
Frederick G. DesJardins (SK) Owner/Operator 1965 - ?
Gregg M. Eberman (SK) Owner/Operator 1965 - ?
Robert Schober Owner/Operator ?
Daniel Gurzynski WA2PNG Operator (Part time - summer) 1977or 78
Eric Freischlag Operator  Early 1970s
Sandy Zimmerman Operator  Late 60s - Early 70s
John Langner  WB2OSZ Operator  1974
Julia O'Day Operator  1977 and/or 78

Full names of living crew members will be removed at their request.

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