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Scenic Views from the WLC Station Site

All photos courtesy of former WLC operator Jim Leow

Interlake boat passing the WLC lake shore site.
Interlake Boat from the South
Beautiful sunrise over Lake Huron

Sunrise Through the Channel 26 Tower
Another sunrise shot from the WLC building.
Another Sunrise View
Deer visiting the WLC site.

Ray Heimberger remembers: "The Calcite Plant at Rogers City is the worlds largest limestone quarry, approximately five (5) miles in diameter.  WLC was on the grounds and in a little house near the Lake Huron beach.  On a warm night, with windows open and only the screen door closed, you could hear loud sounds of pawing and snorting.  When you shined a light you would see a large number of wild deer around the building. The Limestone Div. occasionally gave permits for deer hunting."  As Jim Leow's photo above shows they were still coming in 1997.

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