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Some of the WLC Crew and Their Recollections

C. R. Fisher (SK) Chief Electrical Engineer 1922-?
Robert. F. Crittendon (SK) Manager 1922-62
A. J. Leszinske (SK) Operator 1922-45
Frank Sager - W8BMF (SK) Chief Engineer/Supervisor? ?
Joseph Hassett - W8PVB (SK) Operator 1942-71+?
Tom Curtis - W8BMJ (SK) Operator 1953 & 58-62
Harvey Peltz Operator/Manager 1952-87
Jay Seymour - W9PM (SK) Operator 1953-71+?
Jack FanningOperator1950s
Daryl Stath (sp ?)Operator1950s
Robert Mix - W8CDQ (SK)Operator1963-71+?
Raymond Heimberger - W8TT Operator 1966-70
William Pettee SK Operator 1969-89
Kenneth Cubilo Operator 1975-81
Jerry Herron - W8HIB Operator 1975-90
Dennis Havena - W8MI Operator ??
Jan Dullack Operator 1991-5
James Smolinski Operator 199?
Denise Roeske Operator 1994-7?
Lyle Schalk Operator 1994-7?
Scott Bannasch Operator 199?
Kay Spomer Operator 1994-7?
Scott Ravezzani Operator 1987-93?
James Leow Operator 1995-7
Randall Martens - AB8LO Operator/Manager/Owner 1980-1997
Susan Rutledge Business Manager/Owner 1982 -1997

The last names of living crew members will be removed at their request.

Randy Martens reminisces: "I sure miss the radio station that was my life 24 hours a day for 17 years.   I never had a day that I didn't want to go to work, and all of the operators felt the same way so it was a sad day when I switched off the power."

Jan Dullack was the first female WLC operator.  She recalls the surprise, "Is that a female?" reactions she received from the boat captains when they first heard her on the air.

Help with full names, dates, SK info. and ham calls requested.  Who's missing? 

Any WLC recollections by other members of the crew?

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