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WLC - 1978 Frequency Information

Ian Marsh, G4EXD, has supplied some frequency information for WLC frequencies from 1978, and also frequency information for several other Great lakes stations from the same source. Many thanks Ian. 

Links to the US station frequency information is on this page.    

Links to the Canadian station frequency information is on this page.

The remainder of this page is a quote from his message:

I'm an ex-Marconi ship's R/O and was at sea during the seventies, although, unfortunately, I never visited the Great Lakes. However, I keep visiting your great web site and noticed that you were looking for information on WLC, Rogers City for the 1950s to 1980s period. I still have a copy of the UK 'Admiralty List of Radio Signals', volume 1, for 1978 and am attaching a scanned copy of the entry for WLC. The entry has been corrected (probably by me) by pasting an extract from the weekly correction notices over the top of the original information. WLC was still using CW in 1978 on both MF and 4MHz. It looks as though the correction was necessary because WLC had moved from AM (A3 mode)on its 2 MHz R/T frequencies to SSB full carrier (A3H mode). They also dropped some frequencies at the same time. I have been able to read the original frequencies (in KHz), modes and transmitter output powers (in KWatts) beneath the pasted on correction and they are as follows:

Transmits         Receives           Mode           Power
482  500             500                      A1 A2           1.0
4316                     4MHz                 A1                  0.3
2182                    2182                    A3                  1.0
2154                    2118                     A3                  1.0
2550                    2158                    A3                  1.0
2582                    2206                   A3                  1.0
4357.4                4083                   A3A,J           1.0
4388.4               4094                   A3A,J           1.0
4410.1                4115.7                 A3A,J            1.0
6516.8                6212.4                A3A,J           1.0
8737.5                8213.6                A3A,J           1.0
8759.2               8235.3                A3A,J           1.0

(The modes listed are the old designations, i.e. A1=CW, A2=MCW, A3=AM, A3H=SSB full carrier, A3A=SSB reduced carrier and A3J=SSB suppressed carrier.)

The Admiralty List of Radio signals was/is published by the UK Hydrographic Office and was used by all British ships as it was accurate and also easier to use than the ITU publications. The corrections to the WLC entry were published during week 36 of 1978 and had been passed to the publishers by the R/O on a ship called the MV Asiahawk.

(Archivist Note: Though this information lists 6 MHz frequencies I don't believe that WLC ever used them even if the FCC was now authorizing them. Pre 1978 lists on the AT&T maps do not show 6 MHz for the lakes. 1978 was late in the game for MF/HF on the lakes as FM had pretty well taken over and WLC management and the boat owners likely decided that investment to provide 6MHz operationwas not worthwhile for the dying SSB mode.)

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