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Credits and Kudos

This project and web site would not exist without the contributions of many generous people. I cannot thank them enough. Please let me know if you feel that I have failed to properly credit you for your contributions to the project. Scroll down for the Kudos.


The generosity of folks who havecontributed material which appears on the site is either noted directly with the item and/or is listed here:

•   Top credit and thanks must be given to James T. Pogue, KH2AR who furnished the original photos, much text and the WJG QSL Card for the WJG pages. Much of this material first appeared in the September 1989 issue of Monitoring Time Magazine. It would have been very difficult to get this site started without Jim's contributions.

•   The KPUM 1947 photograph is from the book Towboat River and is used with the permission of the surviving author, Louise Rosskam.

•   WCM SL letter, NML QSL Card and WUG-2 photos and Radio Telegraph article are courtesy of James T. Pogue, KH2AR.

•   The images of the WMI operating room and most of Lorain Electronics gear images are courtesy of Robert Carver.

•   An anonymous female ex-WMI operator contributed several WMI and LEC items.

•   Much of the WFN material is courtesy of Paul Hise, AA9GY.

•   Tom Drake, W4IWH supplied much information with much of it being incorporated on the site's pages.

•   Dennis Widdows, W9VHN was very helpful with respect to the 3 Lorain Radio stations and other Great Lakes Info. Dennis died 8/26/2006.

•   Chuck Reynolds, WA8WUU has contributed valuable information on Lorain Electronics and WCM.

•   Many of the images on the WAY pages are courtesy of Robert Weppler - Thanks, Bob.

•   Many thanks to Lloyd Frye several WAY items and for the MAFOR document on the Great Lakes page.

•   Al Klopp, W0QXI the ex-WAS manager, and his wife Doris have provided much of the WAS information.

•   Thanks to John Harrison for his photos of the old WAS Duluth building and some valuable contact info.

•   A big thanks to Randy Martens, AB8LO a last owner of WLC who was kind enough to send his folder of material on the station.

•   Thanks to Jim Leow an ex-operator at WLC and Joe Olig a WLC fan who each contributed a number of photos and other valuable WLC material.

•   Ray Heimberger, W8TT contributed valuable information about his time as a WLC operator.

•   Susan Rutledge a last owner of WLC provided valuable information about the station.

•   Jan Dullack an ex-operator at WLC provided some good info. on the station personnel.

•   Jerry DeGregory, Jr. for material concerning his father's (and his) time at WJG.

•   Ex ARRL staffers Perry Williams, W1UED and John Huntoon, W1RW recalled W9PZ as the ham call sign of WAY's founder, Thorne Donnelley.

•   Thanks to George Munsch,W5VPQ for his help with the AT$T maps.

•   Ted Phelps, W8TP a pre-WW2 laker RO, has provided many tidbits via regular Skype conversations.

•   Tony Garofalo, the last manager of WCM provided great information and images of that station.

•   5 Stars for Bob Ballantine, W8SU who provided much material appearing on many of the site's pages.

•   Mark Karney, N9JWF provided information about WMI (including aerial photos & the 1938 QSL) & WAS.

•   Bob Hope who sent in photos of his father's taken in 1933 when he was a laker Radio Officer.

•   Jack Estes for information and images from the early days of WJG and WFN.

•   Paul Copeland, K4KCS for the recollections of his days at WJG in the late 1950s.

•   Frank Deedrick, K3SQP for much information on the early days of WCM in Pittsburgh.

•   Thanks to Erik Vennestroem LA5K for some of the Hallicrafters material.

•   Many thanks to Mark Gartman for details about his father's ownership of WCM, WGK and WJG and this own work at the latter two stations.

•   Rick McClean sent some additional boat names for the WCM Schedule page. Thanks Rick.

•   Thanks to Max Summerville, W8MMS for a WLC page correction, several interesting clippings, and Scott SLR receiver pictures.

•   Thanks to Don Arty (ex-WMI op) for the names of other WMI operators.

•   Moe Fretz supplied the picture of the Hallicrafters HT-14. Thanks Moe.

•   The great photos of WCM's beginnings and some other WCM material are from Gary Hummell, N3YEX - Many thanks Gary.

•   The station location maps were generated using Microsoft Streets & Trips software.

•   David Ring, N1EA provided 2 RCA message forms for the WBL page. Thanks David.

•   Thanks to Jeff Yates for several QSL cards from the 1950s and 60s.

•   Rusty Gipson provided the obituary of WJG's Russel V. Warner. Thanks Rusty.

•   Thanks to John Heisner for the ID of his grandfather, Don Heisner, in the 1937 WMI photo

•   Daniel Gurzynski provided the 2004 photos that appear on the WBL page. Thanks Daniel.

•   Thanks to Patricia Reddin for the names of four additional WJG crew members.

•   Robert Nickels, W9RAN provided a link to images of some recently-discovered old Lorain Electronics gear.

•   Thanks to Jim Hay for the use of data from his 1986 Monitoring Times listing of GL VHF stations

•   Jim Novak, WA9FIH provided information about and photos of a rare USCG receiver. Thanks Jim

•   We can thank Michael C. Martin for the first photos and information about WAD, Port Washington, WI

•   1950s - 60s WLC photos and info. were contributed by ex-WLC operator Tom Curtis. Thanks Tom.

•   Information on WGK in the late 1940s to early 1950s is courtesy of William B Hutchinson.

•   Malcolm Joseph Papworth (Joe), K8MP provided several articles and ads from 1940s Great Lakes publications and a 1947 GL Radio Beacon Map. The documents were saved by his grandfather, Malcolm Rutherford Papworth, and his father, Malcolm Victor Papworth. Both worked on the lakes.

•   Thanks to Ken Goodhue, WD6AOB, for the photo and information on the RMCA TRP-141 USCG unit.

•   Barry Heinzel sent a photo that his brother, Charles, took of WLC under construction in 1941. Thanks Barry.

•   Thanks to Mike Miser who provided info. on WAD and WAS and info about the 1969 LCA vs. FCC split-channel law suit .

•   Alex Holden, VA3AEX supplied a nice photo of the RCA ET-8037 unit. Thanks Alex.

•   Thanks to the Marine Historical Society of Detroit for permission to use these clippings 1909 and 1911-12 .

•   Bruce Spacer, WB8VCM provided a photo and info. on RMCA AR-8514 Receiver. Thanks Bruce.

•   Many thanks to Terry Miliczky, KB9IHU for 8 minutes of WLC audio form the mid-1980s.

•   Thanks to Mike Baker, Curator - Elgin County Museum in St. Thomas, Ont. for the Marconi Sta. photo.

•   Robert Mazur, VA3ROM, provided some great content for the Canadian Stations page. Thanks Robert.

•   Thanks to Bob Cooke, VE3BDB, for his info. and for the link to his article on the Canadian stations in 1969.

•   Robert Grau provided the WFN report to the FCC on RTTY tests. Thanks Bob.

•   Thanks to Ian Marsh, G4EXD, for his scans of the 1978 'Admiralty List of Radio Signals', volume 1.

•   John Dean provided the July 1958 Interlake Log and a 1954? Lorain advertising brochure. Thanks John.

•   Thanks to Doran "Jeep" Platt, K3HVG for 2 photos of the military version of the Hallicrafters HT-14.

•   Many thanks to John Hankwitz for his 1963 photo of an operator at the WAD control board.

•   American Radio History's great magazine archive is the source of several items on this site. Many thanks.

•   William Hepburn - Thanks for WLC LAWBE broadcast recording.

•   Tkanks to Dave Zibrat W3VXT for some tidbits about his time during WCM's early years.

•   Thanks to Bob Haworth KD8EKH for info on WLC's remote RX site and WLC photos

•   Jim Bresemann, KF7LO, provided new WAY photos & info about the Highland Park operation. Thanks Jim

•   Thanks to Charles J. Eckard for a 1952 article about some of RMCA's recreational boating gear.

•   Thanks to John Gill for his photo of WJG's first home on a barge in the Memphis harbor.

•   John Clark provided information about WFN's operations in the late 1950s. Thanks John.

•   Thanks to Greg Szocs for the 1912 Map of Great Lakes Canadian Radio-Telegraph Stations

•   Thanks to Lake Bluff History Museum for use of their WAY building and tower photograph

•   Megg Abel provided some additional WAY material.Thanks Megg.

•   Thanks to Al Klase - N3FRQ for the 1944 Catalog of RMCA Products.


The following people may or may not have made material contributions, but they certainly have substantially furthered the project, generally by providing information about other knowledgeable sources.

Dennis O'Neal
Rick Ashby
Ben Stevens
Larry Rybacki, WA2ARA
Cindy Willett
Steve Dowdy
George Polnar
Ann Palmer
Margene Goodell
Albert C. Doane
Walter F. Judd

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