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The Maintenance Crew

The firms and folks below were active in maintaining boat communications and radar gear prior to 1995. These folks hopped on many a boat to do the installations and repairs required keep the communication "lines" open.

The YEARS listings below are total years in marine radio service not years with the firm shown. Where hot links shown they are to that person's recollections.

Great Lakes - Marine Radio Maintenance Personnel
Firm & Home Port YEARS
John Paul Jones ; WA8CAE Radio Link Comm. - Elyria, OH ?
Charles Reynolds ; WA8WUU " 1972-2006
Chester Dobeck (SK) Lorain Electronics - ?? ? 1950s ?
Frank Bako (SK) " ?
Jim Burns " ? ?
Robert Welsh (SK?) " ? 1950s ?
Dennis Widdows ; W9VHN (SK) Lorain Electronics - Chicago, IL 1962-79
Gary Good Lorain Electronics - ?? ?
Jim Scott (SK) Lorain Electronics - Duluth ?
Jerry Ketchey (SK) Lorain Electronics - Chicago & Other ?
Harvey Ball W8FYX (SK) Lorain Electronics - Sioux St. Marie ?
John D Flood Lorain Electronics - Toledo 1972-75
Bob Hermann Lorain Electronics - Chicago ;
Kevin Covell Sperry Marine - Cleveland, OH ?
Don Masa " ?
David Reynolds Sperry Marine - Toledo, OH ?
Bruce Chalmers Sperry Marine - Chicago, IL ?
Gary Thompson Sperry Marine - Duluth, MN ?
Al Wolfe Ramar - Cleveland ?
Rick Mutschler " ?
Jack Towner Ramar - Toledo ?
Randy Martens ; AB8LO Ramar - Rogers City, MI (Also WLC) ?
Rick Eichmuller Ramar - Duluth, MN ?

Image of the Great Lakes with the Ramar locations shown

RAMAR - One of the maintenance companies serving the lakes ceased operations in 2002(?)

Mississippi River System - Marine Radio Maintenance Personnel
NAME Firm & Home Port YEARS
Charles Siroka Lorain Electronics - St. Louis ?
Dennis Widdows W9VHN (SK) ;Lorain Electronics - Chicago, IL 1962-79

The names of living crew members and/or their (disguised) e-mail addresses will be removed from the listings at their request.

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