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HF Utility Stations

There were (and are) FCC designated channels in the 4, 6, 8, and 12 MHz marine bands for ship-to-shore and ship-to-ship communications.  The shore stations in this service were assigned one frequency in each band, while the ship stations were authorized to use any of the utility channels.

Here' a list of Utility Stations licensed at Paducah, Ky. The date of the list is unknown, but since appears that it was extracted directly from the FCC database, a 1990s date is likely.

The emphasis of this history is on the 10 Public Coast stations, and information on the utility stations will not be actively sought. However, information about them which is received will be considered for incorporation. Needed data similar to that below for the Great Lakes.


Alter Barge Lines Bettendorf, IA KTD473
American Commercial Lines Jeffersonville, IN KSX
Apex Towing Co. Calyton, MO KVY565
Arkansas River Co. Greenville, MS WQB853
Ashland Oil Co. Ashland, KY ?
B&H Towing, Inc. Paducah, KY WHV930
Brent Transportation Corp. Greenville, MS WDC
Bunge Towing, Inc Greenville, MS KYI274
Campbell Transportation Co. Dunlevy, PA WHU726
Caruthersville Marine Svcs. Inc. Caruthersville, MO WHU857
Central States Dredging Co. Memphis, TN KKA
Cherokee Marine Nashville, TN ?
Ergon's Marine & Ind. Supply Vicksburg, MS KHB
Exxon Shipping Co. Baton Rouge, LA WRU
Hannah Marine Corp. Lemont, IL KSH851
Hines, Inc. Bowling Green, KY WBQ
Hunter Marine Transport, Inc. Nashville, TN WHX283
Indiana Michigan Power Co. Lakin, WV WIX
Ingram Barge Co. Nashville, TN WHF763
Ingram Barge Co. Baton Rouge, LA WHV812
Ingram Barge Co. Dravosburg, PA WJU
Ingram Barge Co. Paducah, KY WHW270
Ingram Materials Co. Nashville, TN WBU
International Barge, Inc. Cincinnati, OH WIU
Kellum Marine, Inc. Paducah, KY WHH200
Lawson & Lawson Towing Co. Wynne, AR WQX682
Luhr Brothers, Inc. Cape Gardau, MO KUZ414
Magnolia Marine Transport Co. Jackson, MS WRI
Mays Towing Co. Clinton, KY WHF817
Mays Towing Co. Clinton, KY WHF968
McBride Towing Co. Harrods Creek, KY WHU876
Merchants Towing Corp. Paducah, KY WHF752
Midland Enterprises, Inc. Cincinnati, OH WXZ354
Mon River Towing, Inc. Belle Vernon, PA KGA376
Norman Brothers, Inc. Alton, IL KWB423
Ohio River Towing, Inc. Paducah, KY WHX405
Ole Man River Towing, Inc. Vicksburg, MS WHS
Parker Towing Co. Tuscaloosa, AL WHZ215
Patton-Tully Transportation Co. Memphis, TN KMC945
Peavey Barge Lines Alton, IL WNE
R&W Marine, Inc. Paducah, KY ?
Ramsey Transportation Co. Greenville, MS KXS265
SCF Transportation, Inc. Greenville, MS WHV380
Southern Towing Co. Memphis, TN WFL
Southern Towing Co. Caruthersville, MO KFG
Steel City Marine Transport, Inc. Freedom, PA WHV885
Stokes Towing Co. Greenville, MS WHX500
Tolen Marine Paducah, KY WHH206
Valley Line Co. Clayton, MO KDQ
Walker Towing Corp. Paducah, KY KGW387
Waterways Marine, Inc. Greenville, MS WQZ256?
Waxler Towing Co. Memphis, TN WHH301
Wepfer Marine, Inc. Memphis, TN KSK267
Western Kentucky Navigation Co. Paducah, KY WHV884

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