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The Crew - Radio Officers and their Recollections

Great Lakes Radio Officers
Walter Chew Evans (SK) SS Alabama (and others prior to WW1) 1921
Wilson Weckel W8AL (SK) SS Juniata, SS Octarora, SS Tionesta 1921-23
William Hope W2EWT (SK) Several 1933-40
Charles Leonhardt W8QD (SK) Several - ? 1920's-30s?
Svend Gormsen (SK) Several - ? 1930s - ?
Pete Peterson (SK) Several - ? 1930s - ?
Edwin C. Alberts (SK) William A. Reese 1930-38
Kenneth Goss (SK) SS N. American & SS S. American ?-1934-?
Avery LaMont (SK) SS N. American & SS S. American ?-1934-?
George A. Ralston SS South American ?-1934-?
Joseph Sodaro (SK) SS South American ?-1939-40-?
Alfred H. Kelley (SK) SS South American 1934 - 1939
P. Robarts Knapp SS South American ?-1935-?
John Kaye SS South American ?-1940-?
William Sabo SS South American ?-1940-?
Ted Phelps W8TP SS S.A., SS Alabama & SS N.A. 1939-41
Charles Macomber (SK & KIA) SS Alabama ?-1941
Julius Breit SS South American ?-40s -67
A. A. Hansen SS South American 1941
William Liehe SS South American 1941
Donald Dout SS South American 1941
Sylvester J Zachary S.S. Col. E. M. Young 1940-41
Lowell R.Dibble W5FH Last CW Op on S.S. Col. E. M. Young 1941
Fred Wagner SS Alabama & SS S.A. 1941-2
Thomas O'Malley SS South American 1942
Robert Gehrke SS South American 1942
Wilson Weckel W8AL (SK) SS Theodore Roosevelt 1944-45
Arthur J (Doc) Holub K6OGOSS North American 1949-51
Robert Wilson VA1AKK SS N. American & SS S. American 1951-2 & 61
Thomas Drake W4IWH SS N. American & SS S. American 1958
Ray Heimberger W8TT SS South American (Also WLC) 1957-9
Claude Sheets (SK) SS N. American & SS S. American ?-1956-8-?
Jim Entreken SS South American ?-1956-?
Bill Stout SS South American 1958-9-?
James Mulligian (sp?) SS South American ?-1958-?
Phil Shuman NP2AG (SK) SS N. American 1959-63
Gerald Bay W1XYSS N. American1960
Norman S. WalkerSS N. American & SS S. American1960s
Ross (Parnell?) SS South American ?-1960-?
Jim Koss SS South American ?-1960-?
Tony Alateras (SK) SS South American ?-1960-?
Robert Ballantine W8SU NMD>CGC Woodrush>NOG>NMP 1961-65

Mississippi River System Towboat Radio Officers
J. Van Cloud Steam Towboat Kiska 1943
Dan B. Courtney, W0ABO USACE - St Louis District boats 1929-1966
Don't miss this list of USACE River System Radio Operators

The names of living crew members and/or their (disguised) e-mail addresses will be removed from the listings at their request.

Image of a 2 star service pin showing the world as two hemispheres with an angle between

The high-seas radio-officer's service pin pictured above was awared for service in the 1920s. The actual pin is about the size of a dime. The two stars may indicate 10 years service but the company awarding the pin is unknown. Thanks to Pat Ulik for the photo.

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