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Great Lakes VHF Callsigns - 1980s

CC=CommonCarrier - CG=Coast Guard - UT=Utility - VTC=Vessel Traffic Control


KIL 922 Lorain Gateway Operator - Lorain, OH CC
KIL 923 Pickford Marine Op.- Pickford, MI CC
KIL 924 Benton Harbor Marine Op. - Benton Harbor, MI CC
KIL 925 Alpena Marine Operator - Alpena, MI CC
KIL 926 Harbor Beach Marine Op. - Harbor Beach, MI CC
KIL 927 Algonac Marine Operator - Algonac, MI CC
KIL 928 Oregon Marine Operator - Oregon, OH CC
KIL 929 Ripley Marine Operator - Ripley, OH CC
KQU 440 Cleveland Marine Op. - Cleveland, OH CC
KTD 564 Waukegan Marine Operator, IL CC
KVY 601 Duluth Marine Operator - Duluth, MN CC
KVY 602 Copper Harbor Marine Operator - Copper Harbor, MI CC
KVY 603 Grand Marais Marine Op. - Grand Marais, MI CC
KVY 604 Sturgeon Bay Marine Op. - Sturgeon Bay, WI CC
KVY 605 Port Washington Marine Op. - Port Washington, WI CC
WAY 200 Chicago Marine Operator - Chicago, IL CC
WBL Buffalo Radio - Buffalo, NY CC
WMI Lorain Marine Operator - Lorain, OH CC
NOG USCG - Sault Ste. Marie, MI CG
KAQ 384 Falcon Marine - Waukegan. IL UT
KBK 365 University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee. WI UT
KEB 310 Flybridge Yacht Club - Chicago, IL UT
KFB 681 Green Bay Yachting Club - Green Bay, WI UT
KFQ 810 Waukegan Flotilla 3 - Waukegan, lL UT
KFT 312 City of Milwaukee, WI UT
KGA 287 Wendella Sightseeing - Chicago, IL UT
KIY 712 Associated Fishing - Milwaukee. WI UT
KIZ 603 Tate Electronics - Brookfield, WI UT
KLG 358 Seaway Services - Chicago, IL UT
KMD 255 Mercury Sightseeing - Chicago, IL UT
KPB 612 Federal Marine Terminals - Chicago, IL UT
KQU 367 Chicago Yacht Club - Chicago, IL UT
KSA 278 Great Lakes Towing - Chicago, IL UT
KSC 779 Great Lakes Dredging - Chicago, IL UT
KSF 720 Burlington Northern RR - Allouez, WI UT
KSF 914 Amoco Oil - Chicago, IL UT
KUZ 445 Algoma Marine - Algoma, WI UT
KVL 875 Kenosha Yacht Club - Kenosha. WI UT
KVR 486 Bay Shipbuilding - Sturgeon Bay, WI UT
KVR 500 Pace Communications - Waukegan, MI UT
KVY 744 Harbor Lite Yacht Club - Racine, WI UT
KWS 585 Milwaukee Yacht Club - Milwaukee, WI UT
KXS 263 Bay Electronics - Sturgeon Bay, WI UT
KYH 549 City of Chicago, IL UT
KYl 921 South Shore Yacht Club - Milwaukee, WI UT
KZN 488 City of Milwaukee, WI UT
KZN 514 University of Wisconsin - Green Bay, WI UT
WDT 522 Lake County - Fox Lake, MI UT
WDT 551 Chicago Sportfishing - Chicago, IL UT
WHD 510 Fifth St. Yacht Club - Racine, WI UT
WHD 774 Al's Enterprises - Chicago, IL UT
WHD 787 Bluebird Fishing Charter - Chicago, IL UT
WHF 745 City of Chicago, IL UT
WHF 746 City of Chicago, IL UT
WHF 747 City of Chicago, IL UT
WHF 754 North American Towing - Chicago, IL UT
WHF 767 Manitowoc Yacht Club - Manitowoc, WI UT
WHF 802 Central Dispatch Inc. - Chicago, IL UT
WHF 847 Dunbar and Sullivan - Chicago, IL UT
WHG 612 City of Chicago, IL UT
WHG 854 Waukegan Port District - Waukegan, IL UT
WHH 322 City of Chicago, IL UT
WHO 612 City of Chicago, IL UT
WHU 311 Stop n Dock Marina - Two Rivers, WI UT
WHU 343 Great Lakes Towing - West Allis. WI UT
WHU 381 Yacht Yard Inc. - Chicago, IL UT
WHU 414 Villa Marine - Kenosha, WI UT
WHZ 312 Great Lakes Electronics - Two Rivers, WI UT
WKY 931 City of Chicago, IL UT
WQB 414 Chicago Park District, IL UT
WQB 542 Calmet Fishing Market - Chicago, IL UT
WQX 603 Harbor Tender Co. - Chicago, IL UT
WQX 618 Middle Coast Marine - Port Washington, WI UT
WQZ 355 City of Chicago, IL UT
WQZ 381 Sturgeon Bay Yacht Haven, WI UT
WQZ 420 Wilmette Harbor Assn. - Wilmette, IL UT
WRD 754 DiSanto Brothers Marine - Chicago, IL UT
WRV 396 Syntec Inc. - Port Washington. WI UT
WXY 930 City of Chicago, IL UT
WXY 931 City of Chicago, IL UT
WXZ 223 Salmon Stop Waukegan, IL UT
WXZ 253 Selvick Marine Towing - Sturgeon Bay, WI UT
WXZ 504 Racine Yacht Club - Racine, WI UT
KEF Seaway Eisenhower (Lock) - Massena, NY VTC
WAG Seaway Clayton - Clayton, NY VTC
WAG Seaway Sodus - Sodus, NY VTC


VBA Thunder Bay CG Radio - Thunder Bay, ON CG
VBA 2 Thunder Bay CG Radio - Schreiber, ON CG
VBB Sault Ste. Marie CG - Sault Ste. Marie, ON CG
VBB 2 Sault Ste. Marie CG Radio - Silver Water, ON CG
VBB 3 Sault Ste. Marie CG Radio - Bald Head, ON CG
VBC Wiarton CG Radio - Wiarton, ON CG
VBC 2 Wiarton CG Radio - Leamington, ON CG
VBC 3 Wiarton CG Radio - Tobermory, ON CG
VBC 5 Wiarton CG Radio - Pointe au Baril, ON CG
VBE Sarnia CG Radio - Sarnia, ON CG
VBE 2 Sarnia CG Radio - Leamington, ON CG
VBE 3 Sarnia CG Radio - Kincardine, On CG
VBF Sarnia CG Radio - Port Burwell, ON CG
VBG Toronto CG Radio - Toronto, ON CG
VBG 2 Toronto CG Radio - Oakville, ON CG
VBG 3 Toronto CG Radio - Cobourg, ON CG
VBG 4 Toronto CG Radio - Orillia, ON CG
VDQ Cardinal CG Radio, Cardinal, ON CG
VDQ 2 Cardinal CG Radio - Kingston, ON CG
VDQ 3 Cardinal CG Radio - Cornwall, ON CG
XMJ 362 Wiarton CG Radio - Kilarney, ON CG
CJQ 717 Royal Canadian Yacht Club - Toronto, ON UT
VDK 31 Seaway Iroquois - Iroquois Lock, ON VTC
VDK 35 Sarnia Traffic - Sarnia, ON VTC
VDX 22 Seaway Welland - St. Catharines, ON VTC
VDX 23 Sault Ste. Marie Canal Lock, ON VTC
VDX 30 Lakehead Harbour Commission - Thunder Bay, ON VTC
VDX 35 Sarnia Traffic - Sarnia, ON VTC
VDX 36 Sarnia Traffic - Sarnia, ON VTC
VDX 68 Seaway Long Point - Port Colborne, ON VTC
VDX 70 Seaway Newcastle - Port Weller, ON VTC
VOX 72 Seaway Newcastle - Port Hope. ON VTC
XJF 495 Toronto Harbour Commissioners, ON VTC
XJT 30 Seaway Long Point - Port Colborne, ON VTC
XLI 46 Burlington Canal Bridge, ON VTC

Credit: This list was extracted from a 1986 Monitoring Times article by Jim Hay

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