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NOG USCG Secondary Radio Station - Sault Ste. Marie, MI

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All Information and images on this page are from ex-USCG radio op, Bob Ballantine, W8SU

Photo of the US Government building at the Soo lock

This is a view of USCG Secondary Radio Station NOG at Sault Ste. Marie, Mich. The wooden pole at the left was the end fed wire support, the CW radio office was in the left rear. There was a thriving CW net for Coast Guard vessels on 4337 kHz.

The whole front dock area was for Captain of the Port Office, they handled all of the VHF Radio traffic in the river controlling up-bound and down-bound vessel traffic transiting the River in concert with Lock Master for Soo Locks. At one point in the 70s the building was removed and CW ended. The VHF system was moved to the barracks building structure behind the building.

The large cement structure center has an elevator to the top and a sightseers hangout for great pictures of the canal region. Bob took this picture from one of the Soo Locks Tour Boats, on an overcast day. This station worked in concert with NMD at Chesterland (Cleveland) OH and NMP at Northbrook IL (Chicago). The CW net was always busy daytime and nights.

Photo of the NOG control console and transmitter

NOG CW Position

In this NOG console photo, the receivers were Collins 51J4 and the transmitter was rated at 300 watts with a single 4-400 in the final. There was a 24 hour tape recorder in the center of the console on 2182 kHz voice distress. A closed circuit Bell System landline teletype network connected NOG to Cleveland HQ. There was no reperforator. The operator had to send hot, on line.

Wess Wessling's USCG Patch Archive has these patches for Group Sault Ste. Marie: 1970's? Patch - and - 1989 Patch

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