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Some of the WAY Crew and Their Recollections

Thorne Donnelley - W9PZ (SK) Founder 1938-42
Don Meyer (SK) Foreman 1948-78
Earl Reece (or Rees) (SK) Operator ca. 1972
Lloyd R. Frye - WB9PEP Operator 1957-67
Robert Weppler Operator 1947-53
John Nolan Operator 1952-62
Ralph Nelson Operator ? - 1972+
Ralph Modloff Operator 1962 -72+
Robert N. "Bud" Cozen Operator Foreman ?
John Tobias (SK) Operator ca. 1952
Bob Hiele Operator ca. 1952
Ken Anderson Operator ?
Joseph L. Bolsinger Operator ?
Tom Coll Operator ca. 1962
Warren Glasel (SK) Operator Foreman <1976
Larry Gilbrith ? ?
Dale Long (SK) Operator ca. 1961
Jim Bresemann Operator 1971-83
Don Cook Operator ca. 1972
Ted Demco Operator ca. 1972
Doyle Flurry Operator ca. 1972
Larry Herbert Operator ca. 1972
Mike Miller Operator ca. 1972
Art Preston Jr. Operator ca. 1972
Bob Skinner Operator 1963 - End

Full names of living crew members will be removed at their request.

Here's a list of all the WAY foreman from the 1941-2 time through 1984.  

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