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Some of the WAY Crew

Thorne Donnelley - W9PZ (SK) Founder 1938-42
Don Meyer (SK) Foreman 1948-78
Earl Reece (or Rees) (SK) Operator ca. 1972
Lloyd R. Frye - WB9PEP Operator 1957-67
Robert Weppler Operator 1947-53
John Nolan Operator 1952-62
Ralph Nelson Operator ? - 1972+
Ralph Modloff Operator 1962 -72+
Robert N. "Bud" Cozen Operator Foreman ?
John Tobias (SK) Operator ca. 1952
Bob Hiele Operator ca. 1952
Ken Anderson Operator ?
Joseph L. Bolsinger Operator ?
Tom Coll Operator ca. 1962
Warren Glasel (SK) Operator Foreman <1976
Larry Gilbrith ? ?
Dale Long (SK) Operator ca. 1961
Jim Bresemann Operator 1971-78
Don Cook Operator ca. 1972
Ted Demco Operator ca. 1972

Some of the WAY-200++ Highland Park Crew

Hopefully this is the proper table division, if not at least all the names that I have are shown.

Jim Bresemann Operator 1978-83
Bud Cozen Foreman-Operator   ca. 1978
Dick Voss Foreman-Operator  ca. 1978
Bonnie Kapischke - W9EBO Operator ca. 1978
Don Cook Operator ca. 1978
Ted Demco Operator ca. 1978
Bob Skinner Operator 1978 - End

Full names of living crew members will be removed at their request.

Here's a list of all the WAY foreman from the 1941-2 time through 1984.  

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