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WCM Construction Photos

This page will showcase images of the construction and beginnings of WCM in the late summer, fall and winter of 1950. We have Gary Hummell, N3YEX to thank for these images. Gary saved them from the WCM files on WCM's last day of operation in Pittsburgh.

WCM building under construction.

Above - The building takes shape - Fall 1950

Right - Bringing in the power and communications lines.

View of the power and comm. lines trench.

Rigging the vertical antenna prior to erection.

Getting the vertical antenna ready for erection

Workning on the gantry used to raise the vertical antenna.

Working on the gantry used to raised
the vertical antenna

Raising the vertical antenna.
Outside view of a finished WCM station.

Above - A finished WCM as viewed from near the vertical antenna

Left - raising the vertical antenna

WCM building & vertical antenna - Looking southwest

WCM - Looking southwest

WCM building - looking southeast

WCM - Looking southeast

Front of WCM building showing the RCA sign.

WCM - Building front with RCA sign

View of WCM site - Looking east.

WCM site - Looking east

Bill Hayton with the WCM Aux. TX - Model TDF
Three TMC fixed-frequency recievers - Model FFR-3

TMC fixed frequency AM Receivers - EX WCM Pittsburgh

Left - Bill Hayton with the WCM Aux. AM Transmitter - A Model TDF (Made by RCA?) - 1951

TMC Receiver Model FFR3 nameplate

<TMC Model FFRD-5A nameplate

Above and Left - Nameplates on the TMC receivers

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