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WCM - Pittsburgh - Typical Daily Schedule - 196(?)

0430 5 J&L Steel M/V Aliquippa, Vesta, Vulcan, Titan and Shannopin
5 U.S. Steel M/V James E. Lose, B.F Fairless and more
5 Hillman Barge Line M/V Mary Lea Hillman, Henry L. Hillman, Patsy Hillman & more
0500 7 Oil Transport M/V Frank B. Durant, Bayou Orleans, Bayou LaCombe, Bayou LaFitte and more
0530 7 Ohio Barge Line Stmr. Orleanian, Stmr. Lunga Point, M/V Steel Ranger, Steel Trader, Steel Forwarder and more
0545 7 Ashland Oil M/V Allied Ashland, Ashland, Valvoline Pamela D, Peggy Downey, Onward and more
0600 7 Thomas Petroleum Transport M/V Franklin Pierce, Walter Curley, Jane T, Reba Jane, Beverly Thomas & John B. Hood
0615 7 Union Barge Line M/V Southern, Eastern , Northern, Peace, Western, Mariner, Navigator and Cap’n Joe
0700 7 Ohio River Company M/V Queen City, L. Fiore, John Ladd Dean, Harley Branch Jr., and many more
0730 7 Round up of stragglers Then to channels 6 and 8 for more stragglers
0800 All position reports & traffic were delivered to company offices by teletype or telephone. Then outgoing morning traffic came in.
1030 7 River stages, weather, USCG Notices, Corp of Engineers Bulletins Broadcast along with traffic list
1130 8 River stages etc. as at 1030
1230 6 River stages etc. as at 1030
1500 8 Ohio River Co. Afternoon schedule
1700 7-6-8 Traffic lists and traffic checks from various vessels
1800 7 Union Barge Line Evening schedule

Normally when running schedules the WCM operator always repeated vessels position. This was done because the, “listening audience” (company dispatchers , crew members, family and SWLers) were often unable to hear the boats, only WCM could. If it wasn't done there were usually a bunch of telephone inquires.

When not, “on-the-air,” the operators had to monitor all frequencies, answer phones and questions, prepare for up-coming schedules, do routine maintenance and even sweep the floor. The midnight shift operator had the quietest time but was more involved in equipment maintenance.

Thanks to Frank Deedrick for the information on this page and for much of the information about WCM prior to 1979.

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