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WJG HF Antenna and Building - 1989

All photos by Jim Pogue

WJG - Operations Center & Transmitter Building

The WJG Operations Center Transmitter Bldg

This was the WJG home and antenna farm in 1989. By this time HF SSB operations had been scaled back to only 4087.8 KHz, and VHF-FM was carrying the bulk of the traffic. The ??? foot tower is topped with several VHF antennas. The VHF-FM system utilized 13 stations to provide ship-to-shore coverage to Mississippi River towboats from 50 miles south of Baton Rouge to 30 miles north of Cairo. WJG VHF System Map The HF log-periodic antenna must have been needed to support WJG's earlier operation on it's other authorized SSB frequencies which went up to 12 MHZ

WJG - Log Periodic Antenna

The WJG Log-Periodic Antenna

WJG - Building and antennas

Another WJG Antenna View

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