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The WLC Crew in 1953

Photos Provided by Tom Curtis

The WLC Crew in 1953 - photographed inside the station

The WLC Crew in 1953 L to R: Bob Crittendon - Joe Hassett - Jay Seymour - Tom Curtis - Jack Fanning ---
Foreground: Daryl Stath ? - Frank Sager - Harvey Peltz

The WLC Crew in 1953 - photorgraphed in front of the station

The WLC Crew in 1953 L to R and Back to Front: Daryl Stath ? - Jack Fanning - Bob Crittendon -
Tom Curtis - Jay Seymour - Frank Sager - Joe Hassett & Harvey Peltz

Michigan Limestone 1953 Christmas Party

Michigan Limestone Co. (WLC's Parent) December 17, 1953 Christmas Party --- WLC Crew Members -
Back Row Right End: Joe Hassett & Bob Crittendon --- Second Row Down Left End:
Daryl Stath ? & Tom Curtis (with head turned) --- Second Row Down & Immediately Below
Crittendon is Harvey Peltz --- Slightly to the Left & Below Peltz is Frank Sager

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