Frank Sager, Wm. Pettee, Robert Mix and Ray Heimberger in the WLC operating room - ca. mid-1960s

In the photo above Frank Sager is standing, Ray Heimberger is at the rear, in front of Frank and looking down. Bob Mix is in the center with the stripped shirt and glasses. Bill Pettee is in the foreground, with the white shirt at the (No. 1) phone and CW position. CW contacts could only be made from that first position. Behind Bill (and not in the photo) was the Bell System Model 28 Teletype, for weather and other messages. Also behind Bill was a door into the large transmitter room, with the HF and VHF transmitters. It was behind the glass windows so that the transmitters and meters could be seen from the operating positions. Also hung behind there were the operator's FCC Phone/CW licenses and Frank's schedule for who was on duty during which days/hours. At each position was a typewriter (Mill) for copying and typing the messages as the (U.S. Steel) ships called in their position and course, and their requirements for supplies/loading/unloading.

Thanks to Ray Heimberger for this expanded caption information.

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