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Some of the WGK Crew and Their Recollections

Anton George Armerski (SK) Station Manager & Morning Op 1930s-1960s
Robert Ugel (SK) Engineer 1940s
George Martin (SK) Sales 1940s
William B. Hutchinson, W7EX Operator 1947- 52
John Frank Operator Around 1950
Guy R. Harden Operator & More? 1945 to 1963
John G. Hainer Operator & More? 1965 to ?
Edward Fleming Station Manager ?? to 1967
Joy E. Kinney Operator 1950's to 1967
John Polenski Operator Around 1950
Robert Schnitzer Operator Around 1950
Raymond Gartman (SK) Station Owner 1967 -
Mark Gartman Operator (Summers) 1968-69
Clayton Smith ("Smitty") Station Manager Late 1960s
Tony Hogue Operator (Also worked at WCM) ?
Tom Wise Operator Late 1960s
Charles J. Schwarz Operator 1959-68
Charles Soroka Last Owner of WGK

Full names of living crew members will be removed at their request.

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