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Some of the WMI & LEC Crew and Their Recollections

H. E. Hageman (SK) Corp. President (early) 1928-64
Robert Fox (SK) Chief Engineer 1930s
H. P. Boswau (SK) Chief Engineer ca. 1941
Robert Gilliland (SK) Operator ca. 1941
Don Heisner W8CJI-K4FWF (SK) Chief Engineer 1938?-46
Wesley A. Goodell (SK) Manager of Field Operations 1946 - 1978?
Mrs. Hugh Gawn Operator ca. 1946
Mrs. Henry Pintur Operator ca. 1946
Jack Cain (SK) Executive VP of LEC (late) Retired 1978
Raymond Cox General manager of LEC Retired 1978
Marvin Deitch Operator ca. 1953
Donald Arty Operator 1969-84
Helen Berrington McCalla (SK) Operator 1967 - ?
Paul Romoser (SK) LEC Chief Engineer ?
Carroll Peabody W8ADK (SK) Operator Tech. Service Dispatcher ?- 1977
Ross Herrick Superintendent - Lorain C. Radio ca. 1960
Mark Karney N9JWF "Jack of all trades" 1965-6
Ray Gerbrand W8PAI (SK) Chief Operator 1940-1969+
Lady OP Merthe Operator 1960s
Frank Sonye W8FKZ (SK) Operator ?<1966>?
Dick Rocher (SK) Operator ?<1966>?
Bill McClellan (SK) Operator ?<1966>?
Carl Boughton (SK) Operator ?<1966>?
Bob Carver Purchasing Agent ?
Dennis Widdows W9VHN (SK) Maint. Technician - Chicago 1962-79
Chuck Reynolds WA8WUU Maint. Technician 1967-80
M. C. (Mickey) Wills Service Manager Retiere 1978
Richard Hartwig, K8ML Sr. Technician - LEC factory 1962-80
Harvey Ball, W8FYX  (SK) Maint. Technician - Sault St. Marie ?
Mike Cross, K8JLO Maint. Tech. - Lorain & St. Louis 1964-69
Gary Good, WA8WAZ Maint. Technician - Lorain 1966-70 ?
John D Flood Maint. Technician - Toledo 1972-75
John D Flood Technician Computer Op. Jr. Eng. 1975-78

Full names of living crew members will be removed upon their request.

John Dean provided a 1964 list of LEC employees A-K and L-W saved by this father-in-law Frank Bako, a former LEC employee. Richard Hartwig, K8ML has provided listings of  LEC employees in 1980 and 1982-1 and 1982-2. Personal addresses and telephone numbers have been removed from the last 3 lists.

One WMI operator remembers: "As for me having any interesting memories from my days as a ship-to-shore marine radiotelephone operator, the only one that comes to mind is a call from Arthur Godfrey's Aircraft and Art Carney telephoning Audrey Meadows --- those were thrills for me since I always enjoyed all three of them on Television."

In 1979, Jack Cain was awarded the National Marine Electronics Association's Fessenden Award for his development of Lorain Electronics' integrated VHF Radio Communications Network serving the Great Lakes.  The Fessenden Award is not an annual award but one that is given when warranted.

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