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This page provides a unified listing of all the Personel Recollections on the site.

Edward Ansell, (ex W9PSA) (SK) Recollections of his time as an operator at WAS, Duluth
Bob Ballantine, W8SU Bob recalls experiences as a USCG radioman on the Lakes
Ken Bobel, WA8YJW Nice detail about WMI & Lorain Electronis (LEC) with three images
John Clark John recounts his time as an operator at WFN, Louisville
Paul Copeland, K4KCS Some WJG, Memphis history including Paul's time as an operator
Ken Cubilo, W8WLC Lots of detail about WLC, Rogers City by this long-time operator
Thomas Curtis, W8BMJ Tom recalls his two employments at WLC, Rogers City
Frank Deedrick, K3SQP Frank provides some personal detail about WCM, Pittsburgh
Jerry L. DeGregory, Jr. Much about WJG, Memphis and its two DeGregory employees
Thomas Drake, W4IWH Extensive detail about Georgian Bay Line cruise ship radio
Jack Estes Some 1943-1960 history of WJG, Memphis and WFN, Louisville
Mark Gartman Info. about WCM, Pittsburgh, WGK, St. Louis and WJG Memphis
Ray Heimberger, W8TT Ray's years at WLC, Rogers City and on Georgian Bay Line ships
Paul Hise Paul recalls his years at WFN, Louisville
William Hope, W2EWT (SK) Thirteen images from 1930s Great Lakes ship radio
Bill Hutchinson, W7EX Nice detail about WGK, St. Louis and a little about boat Radar
Mark Karney, N9JWF A Jack-of-All-Trades at WMI, Lorain provides some station history
Ted Phelps, W8TP Georgian Bay Lines cruise ship radio operations around 1940
Charles C. Reynolds, WA8WUU All about radio equipment on the Lakes and at WCM, Cincinnati
Wilson Edward Weckel, W8AL His son recounts his dads history as an operator on Great Lakes ships
Dennis Widdows Dennis was the LEC Lake Michigan and the Illinois River service guy
Martin Williams Martin's history with RCA's Great Lakes radiotelegraph operations.
Robert Wilson, VA1AKK Robert tells about being a radio officer on Georgian Bay Line ships

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