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11/13/2022 Revised Great Lakes Page 4th para. to add this 1932 article about RMCA operations.
11/08/2022 The Great Lakes Page new 4th paragraph is about early GL Radiotelephone Service.
11/08.2022 Added a link to 1937 Comm. Law changes to the table on the Overview Page.
11/06/2022 Added a link to a report about the end of RMCA to the RMCA Page.
11/04/2022 Added a photo of the HT-12 to the Hallicrafters page.
11/04/2022 Added a link to a photo of a Western Electric 10 Watt unit to the Equipment Page
10/28/2022 Added a link to a catalog of 1944 RMCA products to the RMCA Page.
08/07/2022 Updated the Equipment Page and added a link to a new Mackay-ITT page. 
07/30/2022 Updated the Scott Radio Labs page with 3 advertisements.
07/24/2022 Multiple updates to the  CW Page  including a link to 1928 radiotelegraph stations
07/22/2022 Added an article about WAY's beginnings to the WAY page.
07/20/2022 Added a WAY building & tower photograph courtesy of the Lake Bluff History Museum.
07/07/2022 Added a paragraph about radio on the Delta Queen to the Inland Rivers page 
07/07/2022 Aded a paragraph about 1922 Great Lakes radiotelephone to the Great Lakes Page 
07/07/2022 Added a 1991 map of the WLO VHF-FM network on Alabama's inland rivers.
03/19/2022  Added a 1912 Map of Great Lakes Canadian Radio-Telegraph Stations
10/01/2021  Added a link to a collection of KMI photos to the High Seas page.
08/20/2021  Revised the WFN Page to add info. about an additional late 1950s station location. 
08/20/2021  Added John Clark to the WFN Crew page.
07/31/2021  Modified the YL OP photo caption on the High Seas page.
07/31/2021  Added Julia O'Day to the WBL Crew page.
07/28/2021  On the WJG page added a link to a photo of WJG's first location.
10/27/2020  Revised the Great Lakes Radiobeacons Maps page and added a 1985 map to it.
03/28/2020  Added Gerald Bay and Phil Shuman to the  Radio Officers Page .
10/30/2018  Noted Tom Curtis (WLC op) as a SK - Added Mobile Phone History to the Links Page.
1/14/2018  Added John Langner WB2OSZ to the WBL Crew page.
5/2/2017  Added a link to a 1952 article about RMCA gear near the bottom of the RMCA Page
1/12/2017  Added a link about WOO demolition to the High Seas page
10/31/2016  Revised the WAY page with 4 new images, text revisions & added data about WAY after 1978.
10/24/2016  Added 2 photos near the bottom of the WLC page 
09/27/2016  Added 10 names to the WAY Crew Page
07/18/2016  Added a paragraph about early 1950s SSB tests to the WCM page.
07/18/2016  Added Dave Zibrat W3VXT to the WCM Crew page.
07/18/2016  Added a link to a LAWEB broadcast  to the WLC page  & the  Great Lakes Page 
01/03/2015  On the WMI Page added a link to this 1945 picture of a portion of the operating room.
11/14/2014  Extensive correction of dead links using the wonderful Xenu program.
11/13/2014  Added a link to to the Links Page. 
11/11/2014  Added 13 links to detailed FCC actions during 1938-45 to the FCC Timeline Page
11/09/2014  On the WMI Page added a little more information about WMI's 1930s beginnings.
11/09/2014  On the Great Lakes Page added this MAFOR information.
11/09/2014  On the RMCA Page added a link to this 1946 ET-8027 ad.    
11/08/2014  Added these links to the WMI PagePage 27  &  Page WLC page 57  +  links to 3 patents   
11/03/2014  Added 3 photos to the WJG page.
11/03/2014  Added a paragraph at the bottom of the CW Page about a wireless sta. at Alpena, Mi  
11/03/2014  Updated the Great Lakes Page with information about stations WCY and WHC. 
11/03/2014  On the RMCA Page added links to 2 pages of a 1939-40 Radiotelephone equipment brochure.
11/03/2014  Added a new first photo (1938) to the WAY Page.
10/30/2014  Added link to a second advertisement for RMCA ET-8044 to the RMCA Page.
10/30/2014  Updated the WLC page to include a previous address for the station.
06/10/2014  Added link to an advertisement for RMCA ET-8037 to the RMCA Page.
06/10/2014  Added a photo of a Lorain LRK receiver front panel to the LRK Photo Page
06/08/2014  Added a link to a S22-R advertisement on the Hallicrafters page.
06/06/2014  On the RMCA Page added a link to a 1939-40 brochure page for the RMCA ET-8020.
06/06/2014  Added additional information about WMI gear to Mark Karney's Recollections.
06/06/2014  Added an additional channel information table to the Great Lakes Page - Thanks N9JWF
01/07/2014  Added, at the top of the WAD page, a 1963 photo of an operator at the control board.
11/28/2013  Added a link to copies of the SOWP Sparks Journal to the Links Page.  -  Thanks K2TQN
08/28/2013  Added links to two photos of the SCR-543 (Hallicrafters HT-14) to the Hallicrafters page.
08/05/2013  Restored several dead links and added new content to the High Seas page.
07/29/2013  Added a photo of operator Dale Long to the WAY Page.
07/22/2013  Added a Personal Recollections page for WAS operator Edward Ansell.
07/22/2013  Revised the WAS page Crew listings to reflect information supplied by Edward Ansell.
05/24/2013  Added a link to an advertisement for the RMCA ET-8044 to the RMCA Page.
05/09/2013  Added a few words about the RMCA ET-8031 (& a link to 3 images) to the RMCA Page.
10/19/2012  Added a link to a 1954(?) LEC advertising brochure to the Lorain Electronics Page.
10/19/2012  Added a link to a 1968 list of LEC employees A-K and L-W to the WMI Crew Page.
10/19/2012  Added a link to a photo of 4 workers in the LEC factory to the Lorain Electronics Page.
10/19/2012  Added a link to an  Interlake Log Article to the WMI Page.
09/20/2012  Added frequency information to several pages - Start on this new WLC Frequency Page.
06/10/2012  Added links to the CW Page to newspaper clippings about early GL wireless.
04/17/2012  Added a link to a photo of a RMCA liberty ship console to the bottom of the RMCA Page.
03/23/2012  Added a link to an ariticle on the early use of radio to the WUG2 Page
01/26/2012  Added a page of WMI excerpts from Lorain's The Journal newspaper.
01/15/2012  Added a link to the off-topic K4ZAD's Radio Information Site to the Home Page .
01/03/2012  Added links to off-topic info. on RCA Comms. Long Island Ops. to the top of the RMCA page .
10/14/2011   Added a link to VA3ROM's Website on the Links Page.
10/14/2011  Added some years of service information to the WJG Crew Page.
06/21/2011  Slight modification to the RMCA Page.
03/20/2011  On the WFN Page added a link to a letter to the FCC reporting on RTTY tests.  
02/11/2011  Added a photo of the station's last operating position to the WAS Page .
01/24/2011  Extensive additions and corrections  to the Canadian Stations Page.
01/04/2011  Added a 1947 Map of the Great Lakes Radio Beacons to the Great Lakes Page .
09/03/2010  Added a photo of a radio officers service pin to the bottom of the Radio Officers Page .
07/18/2010  Added a photo of the Port Burnwell, Ont. Marconi Sta. the the Canadian Stations page.
07/17/2010  Added an 8 min. audio clip from a mid-1980s WLC schedule near the bottom of the WLC page.
03/06/2010  Added links to 3 pages of LEC employees names at the bottom of the WMI/LEC Crew page.
03/06/2010  Much new LEC/WMI information on Ken Bobel's new Personal Recollections page.
03/04/2010  Added several names to the WMI/LEC Crew page.
02/07/2010  Added a photo and information on the RMCA AR-8514 monitor receiver to the RMCA page.
01/01/2010  Added more information about the formation of RMCA to the RMCA page.
11/01/2009  Added a link to an image of a 1922 newspaper clipping to the top of the WLC page.
10/12/2009  Added two new photos at the top of the RMCA Page.
06/12/2009  Added a link to the record of the 1969 LCA vs. FCC split-channel law suite to the GL Page.
04/25/2009  Expanded the paragraph (2 new links) just above the white box on the Great Lakes Page
04/24/2009  Added a photo of the WLC site under construction in 1941 to the WLC page.
04/12/2009  Added some emergency unit information to the RMCA Page.
01/17/2009  Updated the Home Page to reflect the current status of the site.
01/17/2009  New article - Please go to the paragraph just above the white box on the Great Lakes Page.
01/17/2009  Added a link to a 1947 Lorain Radio Advertisement to the Lorain Electronics page.
11/18/2008  Added a link to a map of the 1965 Great Lakes Radio Beacons to the Great Lakes Page.
11/13/2008  Pulled material from the CW Page & put it & other material in  a new Georgian Bay Line Page .
11/13/2008  Added names to the Radio Officers Page and otherwise updated the page.
11/13/2008  Added a Personal Recollections page for ex-WGK operator William B. Hutchinson .
11/13/2008  Updated the WGK Page and added a WGK Crew Page .
11/13/2008  Updated the Links Page with several interesting new links that are worth a visit.
11/11/2008  Updated the High Seas page with 2 new links to WCC & KPH info. at the bottom of the page.
11/11/2008  Updated the CW Page to include a link to more information about WFK, Frankfort, MI.  
11/10/2008  Added a 1980s Frequency Listing to the Overview Page.
10/28/2008  Updated the People Search Page - Added 2 new sites & removed others as appropriate
08/08/2008  Updated the People Search Page to match current web capabilities.
08/06/2008  Revised the WLC page with new photos and added of a page of WLC Crew photos.
08/06/2008  Added a Personal Recollections page for ex-WLC operator Tom Curtis.
07/15/2008  Major additions to the WAD Page.
06/14/2008  Added a page about the very rare USCG R-138 receiver.
04/27/2008  Added a link to The Telegraph Office Wireless Photo Gallery to the CW page.
 03/28/2008  Made corrections, added material and revised the RMCA page.
03/03/2008  Added a table of mid-1980s Great Lakes Shore Stations to the Great Lakes page.
02/26/2008  Revised the High Seas page. Added 2 photos and updated the KMI information.
02/15/2008  Added the Illinois Bell logo to the WAY page
02/10/2008  Added a photo of my first shortwave receiver, a S-38, on the Hallicrafters page.
02/10/2008  On the Equipment page added links to the Chum Bucket's marine radio and RDF pages.
01/11/2008  Added information to the Great Lakes page and to the Charles C. Reynolds personal page.
01/11/2008  Added information to the Lorain Electronics and LEC Control Head pages.
01/05/2008  Added information about the HT-3 transceiver to the Hallicrafters page.
01/04/2008  On the CW page added information about Great Lakes wireless prior to 1920.
11/20/2007  Added an external link on the Shipboard Gear page to photos of a Marconi Rx and Tx.
11/20/2007  Added an external link on the RMCA page to photos of some big RMCA gear.
11/02/2007  Changed my main E-Mail address on the Contacting Us page.
 11/02/2007  Added four names on the WJG Crew page. 
09/27/2007  Added a 1982 newspaper article about WJG.
09/19/2007  Added a short Personal Recollections page for Wilson Wreckel, W8AL.
09/19/2007  Added 2 recent photos of the WBL site to the WBL page.
08/01/2007  Added R. V. Warner's obituary to the WJG page.
07/25/2007  Added an RCA message form to the WCM page.
07/25/2007  Added QSL cards to Government Stations and  NMD  WFN  WGK  WJG  WLC
07/16/2007  Added 2 RCA message forms to the WBL page.
07/16/2007  Added the content to the new Scott Radio Labs. page.
07/09/2007  Upgrade to the new fixed-width layout & drop-down menu system completed.  
05/05/2007  Added two dates and station location information to the NMD page
05/01/2007  New recollections pages for WMI - LEC crew members: Reynolds - Widdows and Karney 
 04/04/2007  Updated WCM & added WCM Photos with photos from 1950-51 & other material.
04/01/2007  Updated the Home Page with a dated commentary and used the new layout and menu.
04/01/2007  Added a High Seas page as a test page for a new fixed-width layout & new menu system
03/23/2007  Updated the WBL page with 6 newspaper articles and added a new WBL Crew page.
03/18/2007  Updated the WJG and WJG Crew pages with information from Mark Gartman
03/14/2007  Updated the Shipboard Gear page by adding links to pictures of the Scott SLR RX
03/13/2007  Updated the WJG page with links to new pages for a 1967 Ad and photos from it.
03/10/2007  Updated the Hallicrafters page with HT-14 and S-51 images and information.
03/09/2007  Added images of the Lorain LRK RX on the Lorain page and new LRK Images page.
03/05/2007  Updated the WMI Crew and WMI pages with additional names.
02/28/2007  Added a small 1971 table of stations and frequencies to the Inland Rivers page.
02/28/2007  Added a 1971 table of frequencies to the Great Lakes page.
02/28/2007  Reversed a 1971 picture showing the WLC operating position.
02/25/2007  Slight correction to the WCM and WCM Crew pages.
02/12/2007  On the W2EWT page corrected the location of the first photo and noted his passing.
02/12/2007  Added some names and thanks to the Credits page.
02/08/2007  Added 2 boats to the Thomas Pet. Transport listing on the WCM daily schedule page
01/09/2007  Added a page for USCG Primary Station NMD - Cleveland, OH
01/08/2007  Updated the WGK page with info. from Mark Gartman & Jack Estes - Started Crew List
01/08/2007  Added a personal recollections page for Mark Gartman - ex WGK and WJG
01/08/2007  Added links to an article on early Great Lakes Wireless near the top of the CW Page.
01/05/2007  Extensively revised the Government Stations page & added/revised the following pages:
01/05/2007        NMP - USCG Secondary Radio Station - Chicago, IL
01/05/2007        NOG - USCG Seconday Radio Station - Sault Ste. Marie, MI
01/05/2007        NML - USCG Radio Station - Sector Upper Mississippi River - St Louis, MO
01/05/2007        WUG2 - USACE Memphis District Station - Memphis, TN
01/05/2007        WUG5 - USACE St. Louis District Station - St. Louis, MO
01/03/2007  Deleted the Contributing and Contacting & Legal and Archivist pages & replaced with:
01/03/2007        New Contributing Information and Legal Notice page
01/03/2007        New Contacting Us page
01/03/2007  Fixed 3 dead links on the WCM page
01/03/2007  Moderately revised and updated the Home page
01/03/2007  Added a What's New? page - You're looking at it!